Mana's story time マナのストーリータイム

Mana Yamaguchi is telling a story called "Halloween Meow Meow Meow". The story was created from scratch by the children at Harmony International School for their performance at Harmony Festival 2016. The song was written by Kana Kojima. One Wednesday at Shinbayashi Park in Fujisawa, the children at Harmony International School were playing when it started raining. They all took shelter for awhile and during that time, everyone decided to make a story. One child started the story and one by one added to it until it became a whole story. The story was so sweet, the teachers made it into a big book. We further decided to tell the story at the annual Harmony Festival, so the children made hand puppets and took their own parts and performed in front of the audience. The story was created in such a natural way that the children loved the whole process as it was their own story! and had lots of fun doing so!

Enjoy the story!!

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