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サマースクール2015参加規約 Summer School 2015 Rules and Conditions

For 0-4 year olds with parent(s)

Wed July 22nd - Fri 24th


"Mum and me!"

Lots of fun activities which are all developmentally approapriate with Mum and Dad for the Harmony Tots age group.

For 3-6 year olds (6 year olds can choose)

Monday July 27- Friday 31st

9:00-12:00 "Summer English Class 1"

For both beginners and speakers. Experience all sorts of activities in English in a very traditional ESL style.

13:00-16:00 "Nature All Around"

A week of nature galore. Look around our environment and experience first hand our close relationship with nature

Monday August 3rd -Friday 7th

9:00-12:00 "World Sports"

For those very active boys and girls. Learn and play all sorts of sport and games around the world.

13:00-16:00 "World Culture 1"

Let's travel to another country and explore what fun things you can find there!

For 6-13 year olds (6 year olds can choose)

Monday July 27- Friday 31st

9:00-12:00 "British School days"

British teachers will share some subjects and activities you would experience in a typical school in England.

13:00-16:00 "World Culture 2"

We will travel to all sorts of countries to delve into a life away from Japan. If you like going to foreign places, this is definitely for you!

Monday August 3rd -Friday 7th

9:00-12:00 "Summer English Class 2"

An ESL based class for beginners and speakers. We will learn new targets and vocabulary everyday.

13:00-16:00 "All About Art"

A chance to experience all sorts of art with HI's very artistic teachers! Get your overalls on and jump into the wonderful world of art!









0-4歳 親子クラス ストーリータイム





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