Harmony International オープンデー&ネパール地震緊急支援チャリティイベントのお知らせ




そこで今回は、 オープンデー&ネパール緊急支援チャリティイベントとして開催することになりました。

GW後の土曜日、 気軽に遊びに来てもらえたら、嬉しいです。

日時 5月9日 10:00~15:00

場所 ハーモニーハウス1階&パーキングスペース 





Music Togetherデモンストレーション(¥500)


ワークショップ フラワーアレンジメント

販売 子供服&衣装フリマ ステンドグラスアクセサリー 子どもマーケット 雑貨

くつろぎ処 ハンドマッサージ


Harmony International Open day & Pray for Nepal charity event

Harmony International moved to its new location a month ago. We have been planning for an open day for awhile to introduce ourselves to the local neighbourhood.

As it has been more than a week since Nepal was hit by the great earthquake on April 25th, 11:56am.

HI Staff thought, what better time to hold an event with a cause.

The earthquake was as large as M7.8 and hit the area which is 77km away from the capital, Kathmandu. Reportedly the death toll is rising up to 7,000 and a number of people are missing. Many of the buildings including world heritage sites also collapsed.

However it is very sudden so it will be a very small and intimate event and we will be donating the proceeds to a charity close by.

We hope you can come and show support.

In true Harmony International way, we will do what we can, when we can!

Date & Time: Saturday May 9th 10:00-15:00

Place: Harmony House 1st floor and car park

6-14-12 Kugenuma Kaigan, Fujisawa

Multicultural Cafe(A few from the monthly HIS culture lunch)

English Story time

Music Together Demonstration(¥500)

@11:00 and 14:00(advance bookings welcome)

email: info@harmonyjp.com


Flower arranging


Children's clothes and costumes

Stained Glass accessories

Children's Market

General Store


Hand massage.


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