Spring Break Daycare


Why don't you come and learn English and experience multicultural environment during spring break and get the most of it?


Come make crafts, visit the park, have lunch, and play together in English!

クラフトを楽しんだり♪ 公園で遊んだり♪



詳細 Details

日程 Date : 3月15日(月)〜  3月31日(水)

時間 Time : 9:00 〜 16 : 00 

対象 : 




We welcome children ages 3–12 , who are

・Potty Trained

・Okay without parents or everyday caregivers.

Contact us for more details!


3〜6歳 7〜12歳



Different activities for 

•3-6 years old

•7-12 years old

Limited spots available so please register ASAP!

価格 Pricing : 


Harmony International Friends

¥1,000 /1時間 per hour

9-12am日額 9-12am daily


9am-14pm 日額  9am-14pm daily


9am-16pm 日額  9am-16pm daily



●ハーモニーフレンズではない方Outside Friends

¥1,500/1時間 per hour

9-12am日額 9-12am daily9-14 ¥7,500

9am-14pm 日額  9am-14pm daily


9am-16pm 日額  9am-16pm daily ¥10,500

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